Our Team

Without them, we would not be here!

We're currently 20 [GLOW] Members
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Carries out the day-to-day running of the team, and oversee's other members. Makes final decisions regarding promotions, disciplinary actions and invitations, as well as ensuring high standards are maintained throughout the team.

İmage - [GLOW] Frozen - İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Thomas - İmage

Team Supervisors
Responsible for monitoring forum content and other members. Helping new members fully settle within the team, answering any questions they may have. Assist the leaders with organising any events and ensuring they run smoothly.

İmage - [GLOW] Angel İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Special - İmage

Senior Team Members
Members of [GLOW] who have been loyal and have shown enough activity and interest for the team. They carry the same responsibilities as normal members, however this rank is to show our gratitude for the dedication and commitment these members have shown by staying with us.

İmage - [GLOW] Teo - İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Dino İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Teebaron İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Priit - İmage Inactive

Team Members
Every team member in Team [GLOW] is responsible for ensuring that the high standard of the team is maintained at all times, in any servers. They also spend time driving with or chatting to any applicants, and give feedback to co-leaders and leader.

İmage - [GLOW] Jappe İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Goofy İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Tibe İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Barney İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Ehet İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Daklan İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Sheep İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Street İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Foloride İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Ripstie İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Ace İmage
İmage - [GLOW] Osku İmage

Team Recruits
Potential candidates for our team. We'll evaluate their progress in a trial period of two weeks. If successful, they will be promoted to full members after their trial period.

There are currently no recruits
Our team is invite only. If you are interested in joining, drive with us and we might get interested in you!